$1 billion being invested in Iowa for wind power projects

$1 billion being invested in Iowa for wind power projects

proposed wind power projects

Alliant Energy is committing $1 billion towards wind power projects in the state of Iowa.
The announcement came this week from Alliant Energy CEO Patricia Kampling and Gov. Terry Branstad, a month after they released a request for proposals for more wind generation (and asking for an 11.5% ROE).
Alliant Energy is looking to expand existing wind farms like Whispering Willow, located in Franklin County, and other potential locations in the state. The proposal includes a 5 year plan to add up to 500MW of economical renewable energy to meet the needs of their customers.
President of Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility, Doug Kopp said:
“Our customers expect low-cost, clean energy, which is exactly what this project will bring to the communities we serve. Wind has no fuel costs and zero emissions, making it a win-win for Iowans and the Iowa economy.”
The wind power project would also generate millions of dollars in property taxes and would boost Iowa’s economy through an additional 1500 jobs, during the construction phase.
Supervisor Gary McVicker said: “It’s extremely good for Franklin County. It helps us get over the loss of the Prestage pork plant.”
The proposed wind project is to assist Alliant Energy in achieving their goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions up to 40% by the year 2030. If the project is approved, construction would begin in 2018, with operations starting in 2019.

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