100% Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy

100% renewable
A small Scottish island called Eigg, off the north-west coast of Scotland, would like to be the world’s first place to have its energy come from 100% renewable sources. Currently it is sitting at the 85% mark for renewables, and gets the remaining 15% of its energy from diesel generators.
Back in 2008, the European Union paid approximately $2.6m to create an electrical grid on the island so they wouldn’t have to rely strictly on diesel generators for energy. Since then, the island has adopted wind turbines , solar panels and hydroelectric power sources to generate electricity.
The island itself was bought by its inhabitants in 1997, from a German artist named Maruma. Now all decisions for the island are made by the owners of the land. Even the maintenance of the new renewable resources is done by part-time crew of 6 men. Eddie Scott, who is a member of this crew said, “Part of their contract was that they had to teach people about installation and how it worked… now we can solve a lot of the problems ourselves. We have learned a lot as the years have gone by.”
Thanks to its reliable electricity resources, Eigg has grown and employment is up. What do you think of small island’s using 100% renewables to become self-sufficient?

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