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Is There a Correlation Between Property Values and Wind Turbines?

  There has been a lot of debate recently, about the impact of wind turbines on property values. Of course, anti-wind is chiming in loud and clear giving false information about the negative trends of property value when wind turbines … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on August 30, 2013 |

Renewable Energy Subsidies v.s. Other Energy Sources

One of the biggest moans I hear about renewable energy is government subsidies. Anti-wind says the renewable energy industry cannot support itself without government assistance, and even claim that far more money is pumped into the industry than any other … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on August 28, 2013 |

Renewable Energy Installation is on the Rise as Costs Decrease

  According to a new analysis by Ernst and Young LLP, clean energy costs are dropping, as technological improvements are made to installation and design.   The company ranked all 50 States based on attractiveness for renewable energy production, and … Continue reading

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Orenda Press Release – August 2013

  ORENDA ENERGY SOLUTIONS ENTERS THE MEDIUM WIND TURBINE MARKET WITH PIONEERING NEW 51kW PRODUCT   New turbine features patented ‘tilt’ mechanism to enhance significant maintenance cost savings and safeguard against damage in extreme wind conditions   Livingston, Scotland Monday … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Training

As renewable energy becomes a more popular source of generating electricity, many colleges across North America are offering wind turbine training and educational programs based on engineering and mechanics.   Here are some Colleges in Canada which currently offer wind … Continue reading

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This Week in Wind Energy News – Aug 16, 2013

This week in news for the wind energy industry:   8 Things To Know About Distributed Wind Energy In this article, the US Department of Energy explains the 8 things you should know about distributed wind power, including its definition.   … Continue reading

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Iowa to Add 1.05 GW of Wind Energy by 2015

  It’s no secret that the Midwestern United States have some of the best sites for wind farms in North America, and many of the states are continuing to add to their wind capacity every year.   In 2013, Iowa … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on August 14, 2013 |

Where does wind energy come from and how do we capture it?

  Wind energy is another form of solar energy – as the sun heats the earth, it does so unevenly. Dark landmasses heat faster than light ones. Day time heats while night time cools. Water bodies are heated by the … Continue reading

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Wind farms don’t make people sick, so why the complaints?

This blog post is being reposted from the Barnard on Wind (wind power) blog with the permission from Mike Barnard, the original author.   In Canada, the U.S., Australia and Great Britain, people have reported similar symptoms including headaches, ringing … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on August 7, 2013 |

Does Wind Turbine Blade Length Really Matter?

  Simply put: Longer wind turbine blade length means greater power production. Blades capture the wind which forces the rotation of the rotor; longer blades means more area for the wind to push against, which means greater force and rotational … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on August 6, 2013 |