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Whirlpool investing in wind energy again

  Whirlpool Corporation has just announced another investment in wind energy, this time worth $13.5 million.   The company will be using the energy to power its Marion and Ottawa plants located in Ohio, and the move will make it … Continue reading

Posted By Sally on May 30, 2016 |

Scotland to build $4 billion wind farm

  Scotland has just been given the green light on an offshore wind farm worth $4 billion US (a week after announcing they will be home to the world’s largest floating wind farm.)   SSE, the company behind the project, … Continue reading

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South Australia hits another wind power milestone

  South Australia was able to provide all of its energy demands (and more) through wind power last Sunday.   Thanks to strong winds, wind power exceeded energy requirements for a total of roughly 10 hours on Sunday, even hitting … Continue reading

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Texas farmers sign lease agreement with wind energy developer

  Wind energy developers are entering into agreements with local farmers in Texas for their wind projects.   Alan Schaffner, who is a farmer in Petrolia, Texas said he wasn’t bullied or taken advantage of and told the Times Record … Continue reading

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Europe’s largest oil company starts renewable energy division

  Shell has created a new division specifically for renewable energy, so they can invest in wind, solar and low-carbon power.   The company will be investing $1.7bn of capital investment into ‘New Energies’ with an annual capital expenditure of … Continue reading

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Wind energy and solar will help China surpass carbon emissions targets

  In 2015, China’s wind energy and solar capacity increased by 34% and 74% respectively, while coal dropped by 3.7%.   China’s National Bureau of Statistics released their numbers for 2015 in March of this year and it looks as if … Continue reading

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Wind farms are funding community projects in Ireland

  Wind farms located in Ireland have begun funding community projects to the tune of €45,000 this year alone, supporting 12 communities in total, including Ballycoog, Ballyfad, Coolgreany, Croghan, Kilanerin, and Rathpierce.   One of this year’s recipients, The Ballyfad … Continue reading

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How much noise and vibrations do onshore wind turbines make?

  An objective study will be conducted in Germany to understand the actual noise and vibrations made by onshore wind turbines.   The TremAc project(study), being funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, will take place over a … Continue reading

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KCP&L invests in two wind farms

  Kansas City Power & Light has announced its plans to purchase the electricity from 2 wind farms located in Northwest Missouri.   The Osborn wind farm is 200MW to be constructed by NextEra Energy and will be operational by … Continue reading

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