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IKEA Canada invests in second wind farm

  IKEA Canada has just invested in its second wind farm, Wintering Hills, located near Drumheller, Alberta.   The 88MW wind farm consists of 55 wind turbines capable of generating 275 million kWh of electricity, which can power up to … Continue reading

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United Wind purchases 100 small-scale distributed wind turbines

    United Wind, the leading distributed wind developer in the United States has recently purchased 100, 10kW wind turbines from Bergey WindPower for their WindLease program.   Bergey WindPower is a manufacturer of small distributed wind turbines from 1kW … Continue reading

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McKenna responds to claims made against wind energy

  Senator Bob Runciman has been trying to institute a moratorium on wind energy in Ontario for years now, however Catherine McKenna, the federal minister of the environment and climate change is not having it.   Back in 2011 Senator … Continue reading

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Russian scientists create a solar-wind turbine

  Russian scientists, Valery Perevalov and Leonid Primak, created a generator that combines solar panels with a wind turbine, once considered nearly impossible due to the rough winds affecting solar.   The scientists had the support of the Central Aerohydrodynamic … Continue reading

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A new type of wind turbine… with wings?

Festo, a ‘global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions’, has come up with a revolutionary wind turbine design, using wings instead of blades.   According to the product PDF, it boasts amazing benefits even in low wind conditions … Continue reading

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Suzlon wins contract for 105MW wind project

Suzlon wins a contract with Axis Energy Group for a 105MW wind project that will be located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India.   The wind farm will consist of 50 Suzlon wind turbines, the S111 90-m tubular tower with … Continue reading

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Wind energy in Newfoundland and Labrador struggles to stay alive

According to Nick Mercer, a Ph.D candidate at University of Waterloo, Newfoundland and Labrador have incredible potential and resources for wind energy but barriers exist that prevent the industry from flourishing there.   Mercer told CBC Canada, “A lot of studies … Continue reading

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Wind energy breaks records in the UK this holiday season

  Data from the National Grid indicate that wind energy was contributing record highs to the grid during the holiday season, and mainly around Christmas.   According to RenewableUK:   ‘Wind power supplied a new high of 41% of the … Continue reading

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Wind turbines could stop global warming

  Researchers from Arizona State University, led by Professor Steven Desch, have come up with a plan to stop global warming using 10 million wind turbines placed in the Arctic.   The project would involve pumping water using wind turbines … Continue reading

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