Orenda Energy Solutions – 51kW Wind Turbine Solution

Orenda Energy Solutions – 51kW Wind Turbine Solution

Orenda Energy Solutions is a wind turbine manufacturer with marquee installations in Italy and Scotland. Currently, they sell a 51kW wind turbine solution named Skye™, which includes a patented (U.S. Pat: 8,371,074) hydraulically hinged tower that can be lowered and raised with one operator and a wrench in just 20 minutes! Orenda’s over arching design objective in Skye™ was to create a reliable wind turbine for rural sites in FiT incentivised territories, providing best-in-class financial returns.
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About the Company:
Orenda Energy Solutions designs and manufactures fully integrated wind turbine systems for the rural segment of the small distributed wind industry. Orenda’s 51kW Skye™ wind turbine is the solution of choice for farmers, large acreage landowners, and wind park developers and investors.

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