A micro wind project in Scotland has generated enough funding to proceed

A micro wind project in Scotland has generated enough funding to proceed

micro wind project

A micro wind project called the Fetlar Wind Project, located in Scotland, has secured the proper funding to proceed with installation.
The micro wind farm will consist of two 25kW wind turbines on 20m high towers which will be located at Setter Croft in Fetlar. The project will be owned by local businesses and individuals who bought shares in the project to the tune of £223,000; they were able to generate all funding in just a matter of 35 days.
The energy generated will provide heat and power for the local primary school and other connected buildings. According to the Fetlar project website:
‘As well as using private wire distribution for electricity, the scheme makes use of two large thermal stores manufactured by Shetland Composites. The hot water stored in these will be used to supply the “wet” heating systems of connected properties via heat exchangers. By managing the temperature of the water in the tanks it will be possible to balance out peaks of production against energy use. With the export capability only being used when required to stabilise the system. The scheme will also be used as a principle point of charging for the Fetlar electric minibus.’
What makes this project unique and interesting is that any excess funds generated by the wind turbines will be donated to local charity to support other community initiatives.
The Project Manager, Robert Thomason said, “We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported the project get it to this stage. The extremely short timescales imposed on us by changes to government legislation, both in relation to investment and the Feed in Tariff, have given us a real challenge, but one that we are now hopefully on course to meet.”
Due to feed-in-tariff schemes, the wind turbines must be installed and commissioned by December 31st in order to qualify.

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