A new campaign is created to support renewables like wind energy

A new campaign is created to support renewables like wind energy

fighting for wind energy

A new campaign called People Power has been created by RenewableUK and the Solar Trade Association in an effort to oppose the UK government’s plans to cut funding of small-scale renewables like onshore wind energy.
According to its website, the People Power campaign aims to ‘motivate, organise and activate support for renewables throughout the UK, helping to campaign for local projects and to work on issues facing renewables at the national level.’
The campaign is encouraging everyone to reach out to petition the government to continue and increase support of the renewable energy sector by writing to local MPs and using social media to gain attention.
Gemma Grimes, Director of Policy – Consents & Intelligence at RenewableUK said:
“This campaign is about sending a simple message to Government: don’t wreck an industry, which for the first time has given people the power to control their own energy supply. Small-scale renewables is an extraordinary success in the UK, creating thousands of new green jobs and allowing local communities to generate their own clean energy.
“The Feed-In Tariff provides a lifeline to the rural economy, allowing farmers and small businesses to diversify their income and save on their electricity bills, especially during tough economic times. The Government’s actions are in danger of consigning this great work to the past.”
Leonie Greene, Head of External Affairs at the Solar Trade Association said:
“Poll after poll shows the great majority of the public strongly supports local renewable energy. Yet Government proposals for Feed-In Tariffs are extreme and they will stop families and communities from investing locally in clean energy all over the UK. This would be an astonishing step backwards as we head toward crucial climate talks in Paris.”
“To prevent this happening it is vital that people make their voice heard in Parliament right now. Individual voices are small but together we can deliver a message that Westminster cannot ignore. The Action for Renewables website makes it easy for people to contact their MP and urge them to fight these proposals and protect people power.”
Renewables not only benefit communities by creating jobs and reducing energy costs but they also support local farmers who use wind energy to supplement their income. Campaigns like People Power help to give citizens a collective voice so they can be heard by local and federal governments who make the decisions.

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