A new type of wind turbine that looks like a straw?

A new type of wind turbine that looks like a straw?

straw wind turbine Vortex Bladeless


There’s a new type of wind turbine that has been developed, and it looks like a straw. Really.


The company behind the product is called Vortex Bladeless, and that’s exactly what it is, a bladeless wind turbine that uses the force of the wind against a large pole like structure to generate electricity.


The wind turbine itself looks a bit like a funnel, though less exaggerated, with a generator located at the base of the structure instead of the top. There are no real moving parts, ‘avoiding fatigue and wear’, less maintenance required, and anybody can use it without training.


According to the company, field tests are currently being performed with scaled models, and the new wind turbine has many benefits when compared to traditional wind turbines, including:
- 53% reduction in manufacturing costs
- 51% less operating costs
- 80% off maintenance costs
- 40% global power generation costs reduction
- 40% reduction in carbon footprint

This new style of wind turbine comes in two different sizes, a +1MW called Vortex Gran, and the 4kW model called Vortex Mini.


David Suriel, one of the founders and Business Manager of Vortex Bladeless told Wired magazine: “It looks like asparagus. It’s much more natural.”


The company is using crowdfunding to finance the business, and has also received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 726776.


To view the wind turbine in action, you can check out one of their videos below:



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