A new type of wind turbine… with wings?

A new type of wind turbine… with wings?

wind turbine with wings

Festo, a ‘global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions’, has come up with a revolutionary wind turbine design, using wings instead of blades.


According to the product PDF, it boasts amazing benefits even in low wind conditions ‘particularly in the range of the most common wind speeds between 4 and 8 m/s, the DualWingGenerator revealed remarkable outputs compared to small wind power stations.’ So you might be wondering, well how does it work?


Here’s an excerpt explaining how the DualWingGenerator (yes there really aren’t any spaces in the name) functions:
‘If air flows towards the system, the central column turns automatically and always directs the wings, made of carbon, at right angles to the oncoming wind.


The flow of air thereby acts on the aerofoils of the wings, which are lined up at an appropriate angle by the servomotors. This leads to the slides moving up and down on the axle with the wings, which produces the opposing movement of the wings. The movement is synchronised in opposite directions using a timing belt, which transfers the force to two bearing shafts. These rotary movements are rectified by means of free wheels and transferred to the generator using another timing belt. The wind power thus generates firstly kinetic and finally electrical energy.’


Read Festo’s PDF to learn more about this interesting wind turbine.


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