A North Dakota town is going back to wind power basics

A North Dakota town is going back to wind power basics

wind power in ND

Before wind turbines ever existed, wind power started as a method of pumping water or milling grain in Persia, as early as 500 A.D. To read more about the history of wind turbines, check out our blog post on the subject.
To celebrate the role windmills (wind power) played in the development of North Dakota, the Stark County Historical Society recently purchased a 702 Aermotor windmill for their Dickinson’s Prairie Outpost Park.
When asked why they chose to purchase this specific type of windmill, the Historical Society’s treasurer David Dinius said:
“We decided to buy it is because we can still buy replacement parts. The 702 Aermotor has a history of being the finest windmill that ever was — better than the older ones and better than the newer ones. We talked to three Aermotor people and they never had any trouble with it.”
According to Dinius, the purchase of the windmill is to fulfill the Society’s mission to “educate the people, to preserve and display and try to explain.”
“When the pioneers came out here, the first thing was to look for a place for their home… when they finally got water, they felt very lucky. The advancement of the windmill on the farm was very, very important — you didn’t have to pump the water — it did the work for you.”
Today, North Dakota has become one of the leading producers of wind power in the United States producing 6.34 billion kilowatt-hours, and 17.5 percent of all in state generated electricity in 2014, according to Wikipedia.
The state has very favourable wind conditions which make it the perfect site for wind turbine installations.

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