About Us

Orenda Brochure 


Orenda Energy Solutions started in 2012 with the purpose of supplying the world with the most innovative, safest, and reliable small wind turbine systems.


Orenda’s engineering team have designed a range of small wind turbines, based on a simple and safe mechanical design. Each wind turbine incorporates a direct drive generator, fixed pitch blades, and an innovative braking system. This solid foundation is combined with a real-time computerized controller, delivering optimal performance with unsurpassed safety.


Each Orenda wind turbine is mounted on a unique and patented fully integrated hinged hydraulic tower system which lowers the cost of ownership delivering best in class energy/$ over the entire life of the installation.
Orenda strives to give their customers peace of mind by providing a warranty reserve and through the availability of insurance for our products. In these ways we are mitigating risk for this significant investment.