There are several key attributes of the Orenda Skye™ solution that makes it THE easy choice for Farmers:

• 49kW is right in the sweet spot for farms in several respects:-

      o Optimal power output for grid connection

      o Maximum financial returns through incentivised programs e.g. FiT

      o Conveniently sized footprint for the land available
• Orenda’s unique and patented hydraulic tower does not require special roads or cranes for installing or maintaining the wind turbine, thus allowing you to use your land for agricultural purposes
• Designed to IEC 61400-1 standards, delivering:

      o Maximum up-time and unsurpassed levels of safety

      o Bankability through greater up-time and reliability
• Each wind turbine has a warranty reserve, which de-risks your significant investment and secures Orenda’s long-term sustainability, giving you peace of mind!