Akamai invests in wind energy

Akamai invests in wind energy

wind energy to power 50% of Akamai's operations


Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) is yet another company investing in wind energy to power its operations.


The company is the world’s largest cloud delivery platform, and has committed itself to powering 50% of its global network operations with renewable energy sources by the year 2020.


According to their press release, Akamai intends to source enough energy from the 80-megawatt Seymour Hills Wind Farm to offset its aggregate Texas data center operations, representing approximately seven percent of its global power load. Based outside of Dallas and developed by Infinity Renewables, the project is slated to go online in 2018. Plans for the development call for construction of 38 wind turbines across approximately 8,000 acres.


Akamai EVP and CFO, Jim Benson said, “Akamai has been seeing a strong trend with customers that value and demand clean-powered, decarbonized services from their supply chains,”


“This project is one of several in which Akamai plans to invest to reach our 50 percent goal. Only recently have companies like Akamai with small, distributed loads, relative to big buyers like Apple, Google and Amazon, been able to make a meaningful impact on decarbonizing operations that go beyond purchasing unbundled renewable energy credits. We believe our innovative procurement strategy can be a model for others, and we’re excited to help lead the way.”


Principal at Business Renewables Center (BRC), Rocky Mountain Institute, Lily Donge said, “Mid-market corporate buyers like Akamai represent a huge opportunity to significantly expand private procurement of renewable energy,”


“As an early mover, Akamai is leading the way for other organizations to invest in renewables and demonstrating the value of BRC’s mission to make that process as easy as possible through best practices, guides and educational programs and convenings.”


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