All buildings in Chicago to be completely powered by renewable energy

All buildings in Chicago to be completely powered by renewable energy

 Renewable energy in Chicago


The city of Chicago has announced that all buildings in the city will be powered by renewable energy by 2025.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel made the announcement April 9th, on top of the Shedd Aquarium, where 900 solar panels were installed to help reduce their energy use by 50% by the year 2020. Chicago has made many efforts to reduce carbon emissions including eliminating coal from the electricity it buys.


According to the press release, ‘Chicago has reduced its carbon emissions by seven percent from 2010 to 2015. The reduction in greenhouse gases came at the same time Chicago saw a 25,000 person increase in its population and 12 percent growth in the region’s economy and jobs within the city. The emissions reduction, equivalent to shutting down a coal power plant for eight months, compares to a one percent increase in nationwide emissions from 2009 to 2014.’


The city has even earned 2017 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award by , the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Mayor Emanuel said, “As the Trump administration pulls back on building a clean energy economy, Chicago is doubling down,”


“By committing the energy used to power our public buildings to wind and solar energy, we are sending a clear signal that we remain committed to building a 21st century economy here in Chicago.”


Illinois Sierra Club President, Jack Darin said, “Today’s action is a historic step forward in establishing Chicago as a clean energy leader,”


“By moving boldly to repower its public buildings with renewable energy like wind and solar, Chicago is leading by example at a time when local leadership is more important than ever. While President Trump and his administration would reverse America’s progress on climate change and clean energy, Mayor Emanuel is ensuring that Chicago will move forward, and that its residents will benefit from the good jobs and cleaner air that come from renewable energy projects. We look forward to working with the Mayor, community leaders, and the people of Chicago to achieve this bold goal on the path to eventually powering all of Chicago with 100% clean energy.”


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