An academy aimed at preparing wind technicians and experts has opened in Romania

An academy aimed at preparing wind technicians and experts has opened in Romania

 WPE created an academy for wind technician training


The Wind Power Energy (WPE) organization in Romania has partnered with BZEE (Renewable Energy School of Skills) an academy that offers courses in 29 locations worldwide, including: Canada, US, Ireland, UK, France, Germany and Brazil which aim to prepare wind technicians and create experts in industry.
BZEE was created in 2000, by some of the largest organization in wind (including Vestas, GE, Nordex and GL-Garrad-Hassan) who also created the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) which helped to create standards for health and safety in the industry. The group saw a need for training people in the field of wind energy and photovoltaics. The academy offers over 50 courses in both disciplines, within their Romanian 1000m² training center and classrooms. The training solutions offered are of international standards and quality, which are then adapted to local needs.
Sebastian Enache who is the Business Development Manager at BZEE said:
“The new partnership with BZEE – the academy for Renewable Resources, is yet another step WPE makes into the wind industry. We see that the market is maturing and there is growing need for more specialists. The academy aims to prepare over 500 service and maintenance technicians for wind turbines, each year. The Training Center in Romania is the only one of its kind in South-Eastern Europe and serves all the neighboring countries, including Turkey. We have invested over €250,000 in classrooms, training centers and up-to-date facilities, where technicians can prepare themselves at the GWO standards. We have a functional wind turbine, which is used for teaching the practical part of the course.”
It is a very smart idea for the WPE to help create wind technicians and experts, which they can then hire for their projects in the future. As stated, the wind industry is maturing, especially in this area of Europe, and companies are looking for skills and talent to help support the industry.

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