An island in Alaska is 99% powered by renewables like wind energy

An island in Alaska is 99% powered by renewables like wind energy

wind energy helps Kodiak Alaska lower electricity costs

Kodiak, Alaska has been able to generate almost all of its electricity from renewable power sources including wind energy, since 2014. The Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) has invested more than $60 million on renewables to lower their dependence on expensive diesel fuel.
KEA President and CEO, Darron Scott has stated that their wind energy costs are about half the cost of diesel, while hydro costs about a third. He estimated that KEA has saved approximately 8 million gallons of diesel through their wind power sources alone since 2009.
However, due to the high acquisition costs associated with renewable energy investments the KEA had assistance from state and federal funding in the form of renewable energy bond loans with a low interest rate.
Scott said:
“It did cost quite a bit, but one of the things about renewable power is you’re paying the debt but you’re not paying [for] the fuel,” he continued, “They’re lower maintenance than diesel is, so it ends up being a very cost-effective solution…it’s just good for the person living here; it’s an expensive place to live and whatever we can do to help that be lower is a real good thing.”
Thanks to the investments in wind energy and hydro power, Kodiak residents have had their bills decline since 2000, not to mention local business has benefited from stable electricity costs.

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