Another anti-wind guy strikes (out) again; wind energy prevails

Another anti-wind guy strikes (out) again; wind energy prevails

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Over the years, renewable energy, and specifically wind energy, has taken a lot of heat. There are many anti-wind lobbyists including health ‘experts’ who make bold and unfounded statements and claims.
Many reports and studies created and developed by anti-wind groups are very obviously biased and in some cases completely falsified. In one ‘study’, citizens who lived nearby wind turbines were polled, only after being told of the damaging effects of wind energy beforehand, and then asked how they felt, health-wise. A process like this wouldn’t fly in the real world, or under the watchful eye of anyone with basic knowledge of research best practices.
The anti-wind propaganda reaches far and wide across the world, and in many cases they use very old or misleading data to tell their story. Many anti-wind activists like Simon Chapman have made such ridiculously bold claims from poorly constructed studies, which have caused a lot of unnecessary confusion and panic. National level Councils have begun to review these reports, in an effort to stop the misleading information from being spread and damaging the progress of renewable energy.
Unfortunately, even men like Christopher Booker, are getting articles published everywhere, spreading their misinformation and propaganda like wildfire. Luckily, there are some bright people like Simon Evans, who actually do hard research, in order to verify or refute the information being shared. (Seriously though, you should read Simon’s rebuttal, it’s spot-on and factually based!)
It will be a great day when we can stop the unwarranted hate towards renewable energy, and specifically wind energy. Yes, as an industry we are the first to admit that nothing is perfect, but when you look at the cold hard facts, wind energy is one of the cleanest, safest forms of electricity generation currently available in the world!

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