Another Scottish wind farm given the go ahead

Another Scottish wind farm given the go ahead

wind turbines power homes in Scotland; thank you wind power and wind farms renewable energy and offshore wind

The Aikengall IIa Community Wind Farm has been given consent by Scottish Ministers this week and will be located on the border of East Lothian and Scottish Borders.


The wind farm will be composed of 19 wind turbines generating a total capacity of 75.5MW, which means 231,402 Megawatt (MW) hours of electricity per year, enough energy to power 54,800 homes.


The project will be supporting the local economy to the tune of £9.4 million and will create over 100 jobs.


Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown was the one who granted consent as he agreed with the findings of the Public Local Inquiry Reporters. They believed the wind farm project would make ”worthwhile contribution towards the achievement of the Scottish Government’s targets for renewable energy generation”.


Mr. Brown said:

“Once operational, the Aikengall IIa wind farm will generate up to £9.4 million in community benefit, while producing enough electricity to power almost 35,000 homes and bringing jobs and investment to local communities.

“Renewable energy sources generated more than 56% of gross electricity consumption in Scotland in 2015, helping support our world-leading ambitions to become a low-carbon economy.

“The growth of onshore wind in recent years has been a key factor in the expansion of renewable energy in Scotland: creating jobs, providing secure and low-carbon energy and delivering significant local benefits.”

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