Another wind farm project in Kansas

Another wind farm project in Kansas

another wind farm project in Kansas

Kansas will be installing a $610 million wind farm in Clark County, consisting of 200 wind turbines generating enough power for 150,000 homes with Google purchasing half of the output generated.
Currently, wind energy makes up 23% of the electricity produced in the state and about 45% of the power is exported to neighbouring states.
General Manager of the Kansas City utility, Don Gray said: “With this 200 megawatts, we are now at 45 percent roughly of our generation mix coming from renewable energy.”
“One of the reasons we were aggressive in obtaining 200 megawatts is because of the price,”
“It’s going to be one of the lowest-cost energy resources that we have in our generation mix.
Gov. Sam Brownback said: “It’s an extremely large project, but again, I think solidifies our position as a leader in wind energy development in the nation,”
“It’s good for the Kansas economy as it will create jobs and opportunities, not just in Clark County but across the state.”
Project manager for the wind farm, Don Miller said: “The energy produced from this wind project this year will be enough to power nearly 150,000 U.S. households — or the equivalent of every household in the city of Topeka — for nearly three years.”

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