Anti-wind antics are causing delays in wind energy growth in Ontario

Anti-wind antics are causing delays in wind energy growth in Ontario

wind energy company NextEra

An environmental review tribunal held in London, Ontario this past week was a spectacle thanks to the antics of anti-wind activists wishing to stop the growth of wind energy.

The Environment Ministry’s group, which also consisted of lawyers from Toronto, brought boxes of reports and scientific studies to prove wind turbines do not cause negative health effects. However, the anti-wind group, who was led by Esther Wrightman is tasked with proving otherwise, in order to reverse the already approved wind farm project.

John Terry, who is the lawyer representing NextEra Canada, said “It’s not enough to identify a threat or a risk or a concern…You need evidence to show this will cause serious harm.”

Wrightman tried to prove her point by calling 11 witnesses to speak, however the tribunal would not allow 9 of them to talk, as they were not considered experts in their fields as she had claimed.

However, things all came to a head when a couple of people from the anti-wind group decided to record the hearing over and over, despite orders from the chairperson not to, and the session having to adjourn twice as a result.

So the question is, why are these people not as upset about all the children running around with asthma as a result of more traditional energy sources? Or the premature deaths?

“The World Health Organization estimates that air pollution causes 2.7-3.0 million premature deaths a year, or 5-6 percent of global mortality.”

Why aren’t these same people fighting against industries (or the other sources of energy) which make the pollution that causes the death of almost 3 MILLION PEOPLE!?

It is nonsensical to me. Any comments? I’d love to hear from you below!


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