Anti-Wind Messages Create Negative “Psychological Expectations”

Anti-Wind Messages Create Negative “Psychological Expectations”

On April 5th, we talked about ‘Windfarm Sickness’ being spread by Anti Wind Groups.
And now more research is coming to light, which shows anti-wind messages can create negative “psychological expectations”, which “could explain the link between wind turbine exposure and health complaints”, according to the published study in the American Psychological Association’s Health Psychology journal by the researchers from New Zealand’s University of Auckland.
The study showed 27 people, Group A, anti-wind footage which suggests infrasounds created by wind turbines can cause sickness. Another 27 people, Group B, were shown footage of experts who said wind turbines do not create any health risks through infrasound.
Both groups were then told they would be exposed to two, 10-minute sessions of infrasound, but were only actually exposed to one 10-minute session.  Group A reported negative health symptoms after both the real AND fake exposures, while Group B did not report any health effects, even after the real 10-minute exposure to infrasound.
The study reveals that the negative power of suggestion has a strong impact on an individual’s perceived health and well-being. According to David Suzuki, “…in the case of wind energy, this can delay or even stop wind-power installations that are a necessary part of the shift from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy.”
Additionally, many studies have proven that pollution, as a result of fossil fuel and coal plants, cause many detrimental health and economic issues.
According to Pembina Institute, “Coal plants are a major source of toxic air contaminants, including mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, and particulate matter. The study shows that in Alberta each year this pollution contributes to over 4,000 asthma episodes, over 700 emergency visits for respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, and around 80 hospital admissions, with chronic exposures resulting in nearly 100 premature deaths.”
Also, the Canadian Medical Association reports air pollution in Canada was responsible for 21,000 premature deaths, 92,000 emergency room visits and 620,000 visits to a doctor’s office in 2008 alone!
It is unfortunate that anti-wind groups are having such a negative impact on the industry, with their wholly unfounded and scientifically unproven claims.

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