Anti-wind protestors turn violent and obscene

Anti-wind protestors turn violent and obscene



If you were in attendance of the South Huron council meeting on March 17th, in London, Ontario, you might’ve been horrified at the scene. An intense argument broke out in the hallway as NextEra’s representative tried to leave the building. The protestors began yelling at her using profanity and continued to block her way.

The woman eventually had to be escorted out with the help of security, and the OPP were called in to investigate after a fight broke out. Steve Stengel, who is the Nextera Energy Canada spokesman, told the Exeter Times-Advocate, “We understand that there are differing points of views as it pertains to wind power and we have encouraged those various points of views over the years as we’ve developed projects in Ontario, but we don’t condone violence, be that verbal or physical.”

Another incident involving anti-wind protestors happened in Mexico back in March of 2013. The Oaxaca Attorney General’s office (PGJE) said the anti-wind group “injured a dozen security personnel and held a state policewoman hostage, Liliana Sánchez Sánchez, who was later released.” The local media had reported that  up to 22 people were injured in the event, some critically.

In the same month last year, Randall Bell, who is the President of the Victorian Landscape Guardians, threatened to break Premier Dennis Napthine’s arms if he eased up on the anti-wind farm laws, when he said “If Dr Napthine reneges on that policy, I’ll break his arms.”

Any threat of violence, or bullying rhetoric should be eliminated from the conversations of wind or any industry for that matter. Anti-wind and pro-wind groups should be able to discuss matters in a civil manner, without violence or threats.

Hopefully through proper discussion of real facts, we can come to a peaceful understanding.

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