Apple invests in wind farms through partnership with Goldwind

Apple invests in wind farms through partnership with Goldwind

Apple invests in wind farms in China


Apple has partnered with China’s Goldwind, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world to invest in wind farm projects producing 285MW of power.


The American company behind the popular iPhone now has a 30% stake in Goldwind subsidiaries for projects located in Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and Yunnan provinces, according to a statement given by Goldwind to the Shenzhen stock exchange.


Apple has a goal of generating 100% of its energy needs from renewable energy sources, much like other tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.


In the company’s Environmental Responsibility Report covering 2015, Apple outlined their renewable energy strategy and mentioned the purchasing renewable energy credits, ‘In cases where we aren’t able to purchase renewable energy in this way due to local regulations, Apple purchases renewable energy credits (RECs). We apply the same rigor here as for our other grid-purchased renewables, and we also register and retire these RECs in certified tracking systems. When Apple acquires RECs, we require that they are Green-e Energy certified and come from the same region—and preferably the same state—as the Apple facility they support.’


According to Xinhua, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives Lisa Jackson said to Chinese press, “We should help our supply chain become greener and more sustainable. So, instead of giving them fish, we want to teach them how to fish.”

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