Aquila Capital purchases Danish wind farm

Aquila Capital purchases Danish wind farm

Aquila to expand wind farm


Aquila Capital has acquired a wind farm located Kappel on Lolland in Denmark with a total capacity of 25MW, bringing all their wind energy investments to more than 1000MW worldwide.
The Danish wind farm consists of seven Vestas V117 and V126 wind turbines, each 3.6MW. According to the press release, operators of wind energy projects in Denmark receive a feed-in premium for a defined number of full-load hours in addition to the market price realised at the Nordpool electricity exchange. In addition to this, wind farm operators receive money for grid stablization charges during the first 20 years of operation
Head of Energy & Infrastructure EMEA at Aquila Capital, Susanne Wermter said: “Due to the conditions of the region, Northern Europe is very attractive for wind energy investments. For the project on Lolland, we were also able to secure one of the last projects to receive a high feed-in premium.”
CEO and Co-Founder of Aquila Capital, Roman Rosslenbroich said: “The combination of excellent wind ressources with a very transparent support scheme means Denmark offers an attractive diversification to the wind energy projects we manage. Due to the highly professional sector environment and the well-developed market for commercial power purchase agreements, we believe Denmark will continue to offer an appealing environment for professional investments.”

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