Ararat Wind Farm completes installation

Ararat Wind Farm completes installation

Ararat Wind Farm


The last wind turbine of the Ararat Wind Farm was installed this past week by Mammoet Wind, meaning it is one step closer to becoming fully operational.


The cable trenching and installation were also completed, by RJE Global, and now all that remains for commissioning of the final wind turbines is the connection of the cables to the substation and into the grid. So far, 61 of the total 75 wind turbines are already supplying electricity for Victoria.


The expected date of commissioning is May 4th and Ararat Wind Farm’s General Manager, Scott Liddell, feels confident that the construction partner, GEDowner will have the remaining tasks completed on or before that date. The project has been considered a great success as each of the project’s milestones have been delivered on schedule.


According to the press release, the Ararat Wind Farm was the first project to be signed under the restored Renewable Energy Target (RET) back in June 2015.


Here are some facts about the wind project:
- 240MW installed capacity
- Enough electricity to supply 120,000 Victorian homes p.a.
- Blades are 50m in length and weigh 9T each
- Turbines are 135m to the top of the blade
- The rotor diameter is 104m
- Over 200,000m3 of material has been excavated on site to date.
- 62km of trenches are required for the electrical cables to carry electricity back to the onsite substation.
- 230km of single core electrical cable is required to connect the turbine generators to the substation.


To learn more about the Ararat Wind Farm, you can check out their website.


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