ASM Industries to build a wind turbine component factory in Portugal

ASM Industries to build a wind turbine component factory in Portugal

Opens a wind turbine component factory in Portugal


ASM Industries has recently announced its plans to build a new production facility at Aveiro Port for the construction of wind turbine towers and foundations.
A ceremony took place on November 25 involving the signing of a concession agreement with the Aveiro Port Administration (APA) with the presence of the Portuguese Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino.
Construction for the project will take place in the new year and will create 150 new jobs in the area with the wind turbine component factory taking up 72 thousand square meters.
CEO of ASM Industries, Adelino Costa Matos said, “Our know-how in the manufacture of equipment for the production of energy, both onshore and offshore, allows us now to found ASM Offshore, which aims to follow the trends of this market and create propitious conditions for the supply of metallic equipment with large dimensions and weights for application in new offshore wind farms.”
“We intend to have a greater production capacity in Portugal so that we can respond effectively to the offshore industry in the main European markets such as the United Kingdom and France and the markets of North America and Latin America where new offshore projects are emerging, notes the CEO of ASM Industries. “We want to challenge the present, creating the best and most suitable conditions for us to grow in the offshore energy segment, so that we can be a world reference company and leader in its sector of activity, based on quality, innovation and competitiveness.”

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