Austin Energy signs agreement for Gulf Coast wind farm

Austin Energy signs agreement for Gulf Coast wind farm

Austin Energy invests in wind farm project


Austin Energy has recently signed an agreement with Oregon-based Avangrid Renewables to purchase electricity from a 200MW wind farm located in Texas.
The project will produce enough electricity to power 54,000 households once it becomes operational by 2019, bringing Austin Energy’s total wind power capacity to 1,300MW. Close to half of its power supply will come from renewable energy sources once this wind farm is completed.
According to the press release, as the project is located along the Gulf Coast, the breezes will generate more energy during the day than current West Texas wind sites, more closely matching consumption periods. This will greatly increase revenue and lower costs for customers.
Austin Energy General Manager, Jackie Sargent said, “Austin Energy is proud of our long record as an innovator and leader in promoting wind power in Texas, including our participation in the first commercial wind farm in Texas back in 1995 and our award winning GreenChoice® retail program,”

“This agreement is part of our ongoing effort to meet the City Council’s goal of 55 percent renewable power by 2025, as we balance environmental progress with affordability.”

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