Australia hits a new high with wind energy

Australia hits a new high with wind energy

Australia wind energy

The Clean Energy Council of Australia said that the wind energy produced in August beat out the previous record by more than a third; wind farms had produced approximately 40% of the state’s power! The amount of power was enough to provide electricity for 155,000 homes for an entire year. A big part of this success can be attributed to a very windy August (which is the end of their winter season).
In 2001, the Australian Government introduced a ‘Mandatory Renewable Energy Target’ for 2020 so that 20% of their power would be generated through renewable energy sources. So far, the country is coming in at 8%, thanks to a large wind farm which was recently installed in Victoria. Mark Bretherton, who is the Clean Energy Council spokesman said that even more wind farms are being installed in order to meet these national targets.
In the last financial year, the South of Australia alone had already hit a target of more than 25% of their power being generated through wind energy.
It seems like Australia is on the fast-track to making their goals a reality for 2020. You can check out Wikipedia if you want to take a look at where other countries are at with their mandatory national renewable energy targets.

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