Australian takes a road trip and stops at a wind farm to ‘fuel up’

Australian takes a road trip and stops at a wind farm to ‘fuel up’

Tesla charges at wind farm

Mark Talloen, a renewable enthusiast and retired agricultural engineer, stopped at a wind farm in Ravenshoe to charge up his Model S85 this past weekend. The Tesla driver used this opportunity to promote the use of renewable energy.
According to the Cairns Post, Talloen started his trip from southeast Queensland earlier this month and has recharged his car at Gin Gin, Rockhampton, Airlie Beach, Mission Beach, Palm Cove, Mossman and Yungaburra.
Talloen told the Post:
“The Tesla Model S is the car of the future fast-tracked to today, and it is changing consumer perceptions of what an electric car is and should be,”
“It has luxury looks, drives like a sports car, and has extraordinary acceleration.
“The software gets regularly updated, offering improved performance, additional functions and safety features.
“But environmental ideology is the strongest argument.
“I hope that my road trip will promote electric cars as a viable means of environmentally friendly transport.”
He added, “From Cairns you can visit so many other places, and they’re all within reachable distances,’’
“I hope that having more Teslas on the road may draw more people to electric vehicles and that an increased demand will help to improve affordability towards the future.”
“It’s not the cheapest option, but there will be other models coming out two years from now which will be much more reasonable,”
“The charging itself, the cost of electricity, is low.”
Australian companies and government are hoping to provide more charging stations for alternative cars around the country, and it’s the hope of Talloen that wind farms will do their part to contribute as well.

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