Australia’s Federal Treasurer is “appalled” at wind turbines

Australia’s Federal Treasurer is “appalled” at wind turbines

Joe Hockey is appalled at wind turbines

Joe Hockey, Australia’s Federal Treasurer, had some choice words regarding the wind turbines which can be seen in Canberra; he called them “utterly offensive”.
When asked at a Bloomberg summit whether he would echo the same sentiments again, he went on to say, “Yes, I would.” And then followed up with, “Renewable energy is hugely important, it’s a part of the fabric of development of a diverse energy supply right around the world. We have some beautiful landscapes in Australia, and frankly, putting up those towers is just to me, quite appalling in those places.”
Ironically, Russell Northe, who is National Party Member for Morwell in Victoria, said that the Treasurer’s opinions were “not that helpful to those who are seeking to invest in renewables,” and went on to add that it was “not a view that’s held by the Victorian (Coalition) Government.” But the fact remains that Victoria has the most stringent wind restrictions and bans, thanks to Mr. Northe’s political party.
According to Friends of the Earth, in a report they recently published, the anti-wind legislation has cost Victoria investments and job growth. There could have been 438MW of wind energy installed by now, which would’ve helped to power 250,000 homes. Additionally, there would’ve been 490 jobs generated, of which 64 would’ve been ongoing jobs, for the life of the wind turbines installed. Not to mention that local councils and regional municipalities would’ve made approximately $500,000 per annum from the operations of the proposed wind turbines.
Northe’s response to Hockey is a bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? Too bad Victoria still loses in the long-run. Hopefully the government will change its views on wind energy, and consider the benefits to allowing installations in the State.

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