Big news for small wind: IRS requires third-party certification

Big news for small wind: IRS requires third-party certification

IRS puts restrictions on small wind


Anyone looking to take advantage of the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for their small wind turbine must now be sure it is third-party certified.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States has decided to issue new performance and quality standards effective January 25, 2015.
Here’s the section which outlines the new criteria:
 .01 Performance and Quality Standards. To qualify as small wind energy property under section 48, the property must use a wind turbine that has a nameplate capacity of not more than 100 kW and meets the performance and quality standards as set forth in either of the following:
(1)    American Wind Energy Association Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard 9.1-2009 (AWEA); or
(2)    International Electrotechnical Commission 61400-1, 61400-12, and 61400-11 (IEC).
.02 Time of Acquisition. For these purposes, a small wind turbine must meet the performance and quality standards of the AWEA or the IEC that are in effect at the time of acquisition of the small wind turbine. In the case of a small wind turbine constructed, reconstructed, or erected by the taxpayer, the time of acquisition for purposes of this section 3.02 of this Notice shall be the time the small wind turbine is placed in service.
It will be interesting to see how this will affect the small wind market and if more manufacturers will make the push to get their products certified.

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