Blades arrive for world’s largest offshore wind turbines

Blades arrive for world’s largest offshore wind turbines

wind turbine blades

The blades for the world’s largest offshore wind turbines have finally arrived in Belfast this past week. The giant blades were designed, tested and manufactured in the Isle of Wight especially for the V164-8.0 MW wind turbines made by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.
Each of the blades are and extraordinary 80m long and will be part of the Burbo Bank Extension project which has its pre-assembly located in Northern Ireland.
According to the press release, the pre-assembly process started back in April of this year, with the first of the wind turbine towers having already been assembled, tested and pre-commissioned.
CEO Jens Tommerup said:
“It’s a significant milestone for the industry to see the world’s largest blades in serial production arriving in Belfast ready for installation. This marks the first time locally manufactured major components for offshore wind turbines are being used in the UK.”.
UK Energy Secretary Greg Clark said:
“By building a strong, competitive UK supply chain we are creating jobs, attracting investment, and providing the certainty and confidence businesses need. We are committed to our world-leading offshore wind industry and now we have the first ever offshore wind turbine blades built in the UK by MHI Vestas.”
Belfast Harbour’s Commercial Director, Joe O’Neill said:
“Belfast Harbour is delighted to welcome MHI Vestas and to have the privilege of handling the world’s largest blades in serial production. In 2013, we completed the development of a 200,000 m2 offshore wind terminal, the first bespoke facility of its kind in the UK in order to facilitate this style of operation.  Supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector is something we are proud to be a part of and look forward to working with MHI Vestas to ensure the successful completion of the Burbo Bank Extension project.”

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