Canada makes the 10,000MW benchmark in installed wind energy

Canada makes the 10,000MW benchmark in installed wind energy

Canada meets wind energy milestone

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) announced that Canada has reached the 10,000MW wind energy milestone last month. The country is the 7th in the world to surpass this mark in installed capacity thanks to the recent commissioning of the K2 wind farm in Ontario and has been growing wind energy contributions by an average of 24% annually over the past 3 years.
CanWEA President, Robert Hornung said:
“Meeting the 10,000 MW milestone confirms that Canada is a global leader in wind energy development. Wind energy’s cost competitiveness, coupled with the fact that it produces no greenhouse gas emissions, means it is well positioned to continue its rapid growth as a mainstream contributor to Canada’s electricity supply.
Wind energy is meeting Canada’s demand for new electricity in a clean, reliable and cost-competitive way. As concerns about global climate change grow, wind energy will also need to play a critical role in Canada’s transition to a more flexible and decentralized low carbon electricity system.
We celebrate wind energy as Canada’s success story – with another milestone reached the best is yet to come.”
According to CanWEA, wind energy is delivering significant economic benefits to local economies through property tax payments, community benefit agreements and land lease contracts. Every megawatt of new wind energy represents an investment of approximately $2 million.

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