CanWEA happy with Alberta’s commitment to renewable energy

CanWEA happy with Alberta’s commitment to renewable energy

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The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is pleased with the recent budget announcements for 2016 by the government of Alberta and its dedication to renewable energy.
Under Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, the province is aiming to reduce the pollution created by burning coal, and reducing coal-generated electricity by roughly two-thirds. Alberta is aiming for 30% of its electricity generated by renewable energy (with the currently rate at roughly 9%).
President of CanWEA Robert Hornung released a statement that he is pleased with the province’s “commitment to see renewable energy contribute up to 30 percent of all electricity generated in Alberta by 2030”.
Hornung said, “If two-thirds of coal-fired generating capacity were replaced with wind energy by 2030, it would stimulate $8.5 billion in new investment while creating a minimum of 4,000 full-time equivalent direct jobs in construction and 300 full-time jobs in operations and maintenance,”
“Meeting Alberta’s 30 percent target, however, will require Alberta to make significant additional investments in wind energy, as well as other forms of renewable energy generation – creating more clean energy jobs for Albertans, in addition to those associated with new natural gas-fired generation as Alberta moves to phase out all pollution from coal-fired generation by 2030.”
Hornung continued: “Alberta has said it will use an auction process to bring new renewable energy online, and such competitive processes have been used successfully in many Canadian jurisdictions,”
“Experience has shown that these processes are intensively competitive and ensure that ratepayers receive the lowest-cost power.”

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