China facing wind energy surpluses

China facing wind energy surpluses

wind energy wastage

China is the world leader in wind energy, with the largest installed capacity of any country, however, due to grid constraints, much of the power generated is going to waste.
It is estimated that last year alone, roughly 33.9 billion kWh were wasted, the equivalent electricity demands of approximately 3 million US households for a whole year! That means the rate of wastage increased from 8% in 2014 to 15% in 2015.
Huadian Fuxin Energy, the renewable energy brand of one of the country’s biggest state-owned power generators, China Huadian Group, will look to ‘swap’ power allocations with coal energy producers. That means more wind energy will be going into the national grid and sold to central and eastern China.
Fuxin chairman Fang Zheng said, “ We will offer to pay the coal-fired producers sums equivalent to or slightly higher than their profit margins, so that they are no worse, or better off.” Though some coal plants’ average output is expected to continue declining, even to below 50% capacity this year.
In the meantime, the Chinese government has put a halt to any new wind energy projects in the Northern provinces where many of the grid bottlenecks are happening. The six Northern-most regions have installed close to 71GW of wind, which is more than the rest of China combined.
The National Energy Administration said in a statement, “Energy waste on wind farms in China has already become a major problem impacting the healthy development of the wind power sector. Unless we take tougher measures to cut waste, the rate of wasted wind power will continue to get worse this year.”

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