Conservative Party will make the future grim for onshore wind energy in the UK

Conservative Party will make the future grim for onshore wind energy in the UK

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On a recent  BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme, Energy Minister Michael Fallon announced that should the Conservative Party win they would end financial support for onshore wind turbines in the UK, and would restrict any proposed renewable energy projects in the future.
Mr. Fallon said:
“Onshore wind has been subsidised for 20 years, we have enough to meet our targets so we don’t need the additional expense of subsidising further onshore wind developments.
All onshore wind projects under construction or in operation will not have their normal operating life nor subsidies cut/altered retrospectively.
Any future wind farm development would have to be done without subsidy and with local approval.”
But then followed up with a confusing contradictory statement:
“We need more energy. We’re tackling a legacy of 13 years of underinvestment in energy. We need more energy of all kinds – that’s why we’re planning the next nuclear station. We’re encouraging different types of energy, we’re encouraging companies to explore for shale gas, we’re encouraging development of the North Sea –  the remaining oil and gas reserves there. And renewables are part of that which is why we have encouraged the development of renewables – offshore wind, onshore wind and biomass conversion that’s wood burning – we’ve encouraged all those things.”
The reality is that onshore wind energy costs less than any form of renewable energy, and even cheaper than new nuclear.  If they decide to cut onshore support, they can expect to eliminate or reduce jobs; 19,000 people are currently employed by the industry.
They have also clearly not done enough research to determine what voters would support and do not realize the negative implications of their statements and intentions; 2/3 of electoral voters back onshore wind and prefer it to fossil fuel technologies like shale gas especially when it comes to proximity to dwellings.
Overall, Mr. Fallon’s comments seem uneducated and contradictory, which does not bode well. We shall see how well the Conservative Party does in the next election.

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