Construction of 160MW renewable energy project begins this week in Australia

Construction of 160MW renewable energy project begins this week in Australia

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The construction of Australia’s 160MW renewable energy project, Kennedy Energy Park, is about to begin this week.
The project ‘will be the first wind, solar and storage hybrid generator connected to the Australian national electricity network via a single connection point.’
Kennedy Energy will consist of 43.2MW of wind energy, including twelve Vestas V136, 3.6MW turbines at a hub height of 132m. These wind turbines will be the largest ever installed in the country to this date.
Windlab’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Roger Price said, “We believe Kennedy Energy Park will demonstrate how effectively wind, solar and storage can be combined to provide low cost, reliable and clean energy for Australia’s future. The broader adoption of projects like Kennedy can address the recommendations of the Finkel review and ensure that Australia can more than meet its Paris Commitments while putting downward pressure on energy prices”.
“The second phase of Kennedy, phase II or “Big Kennedy” as we like to call it, is 100% owned by Windlab and will provide up to 1,200MW of wind energy, critical in balancing the large amounts of solar generation that will be connected to the Queensland grid as it moves toward 50% renewable energy capacity.”
“The fact that wind generation in Queensland is biased towards the late afternoon, evening and night makes it ideal for matching large amounts of solar generation, thereby reducing the need for storage and other peaking capacity across the network. This is why Big Kennedy is a central component of the Queensland Government’s Powering North Queensland Plan.”

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