Danish wind energy 50% less expensive than fossil fuels by 2016

Danish wind energy 50% less expensive than fossil fuels by 2016

Denmark's wind energy is half the cost of fossil fuels
According to Denmark’s government, by 2016, electricity produced by wind energy will be less than half the cost of fossil fuels. The Danish government has stated that wind energy is already less expensive than many other forms of electricity generation, but thanks to new wind developments, the costs will drop even further.
Danish energy minister, Rasmus Peterson said:
 “Wind power today is cheaper than other forms of energy, not least because of a big commitment and professionalism in the field.”
“This is true both for researchers, companies and politicians. We need a long-term and stable energy policy to ensure that renewable energy, both today and in the future is the obvious choice.”
Denmark has long adopted renewable energy to become a more sustainable and environmentally sound country. Currently, 28% of the country’s electricity comes from wind energy, and the industry itself employs around 25,000 people. By 2020, the Danes aim to have a whopping 50% of their electricity needs met by wind and the country also aims to be free of all fossil fuels by 2050, with a heaviest dependence on wind energy contributions. As a result, many new technologies are being developed in the country to store or use excess energy created by wind. Some examples include, electric cars, heat pumps and hydropower facilities.
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