Denmark reached a new wind energy high in 2014

Denmark reached a new wind energy high in 2014

Denmark's wind energy is half the cost of fossil fuels

Denmark has set a new world record for wind energy production making up almost 40% of its electricity consumption for the whole year. According to their Climate and Energy Ministry, in January 2014 alone, the wind made up over 60% of electricity consumed in the country.
Denmark’s Climate and Energy Minister Rasmus Helveg Petersen said, “These are incredible figures,” while he spoke to the Danish agency, Ritzau, “We still plan to put up more wind turbines. We are moving forward and we have more targets.” He also added, “We have set a one-of-a-kind world record, and it shows that we can reach our ultimate goal, namely to stop global warming.”
The minister went on to say that the country has “found the key to stop global warming”. Denmark’s renewable energy targets for 2020 are to produce 50% of its energy needs through renewable energy, which they are certainly on track for.
Denmark is not only successful in wind energy production, but also in manufacturing. Two of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers are headquartered in the Danish country, Vestas and Siemens. Not to mention that 90% of installed offshore wind turbines are made in Denmark. Not bad for a country of 5 million people.

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