Denmark sets wind energy world record… again

Denmark sets wind energy world record… again

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Denmark has set yet another world record for wind energy generated in 2015, beating the previous year’s numbers by a little over 3%.
In 2015, wind energy accounted for 42% of the electricity produced for the country, thanks to comparably stronger winds. However, two of the largest offshore wind farms had been out of operation for a period of approximately two months out of the year, reducing the percentage generated by an estimated 1.5%.
To give you a perspective of the growth of the industry, back in 2005, wind energy accounted for 18.7% of electricity generated.
According to the Energinet website, you can see the below, Wind power’s share of power consumption over the past ten years:
2015: 42,1%
2014: 39.1%
2013: 32.7%
2012: 30.0%
2011: 28.3%
2010: 22.0%
2009: 19.4%
2008: 19.3%
2007: 19.9%
2006: 17.0%
2005: 18.7%
A consultant for Energinet, Carsten Vittrup said, “It’s not unusual to have hours in which the wind production is greater than consumption. But that we are now up to a full 16 percent of the time in the western part of the energy grid illustrates that the increasingly fluctuating electricity production means that we increase benefit from importing and exporting over our borders.”
In Denmark last year, electricity generated by wind energy exceeded demand by 409 hours, with the excess being exported/sold to neighbouring countries: Norway, Sweden and Germany.
The Danish government has a target of 50% of electricity requirements to be generated by wind energy by 2020; an attainable goal considering the continued progress of the country in industry investments.

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