Developers create simulated pictures of a proposed wind farm project

Developers create simulated pictures of a proposed wind farm project

Instead of telling locals what it might be like to have a wind farm in their community, simulated pictures were created by developers of a proposed project to show what the landscape would look like after installation.
Apex Clean Energy is proposing a wind farm in Botetourt County in Virginia called the Rocky Forge Wind Project. The wind farm will have a capacity of 75MW, and will power an estimated 20,000 homes upon completion in 2018.
According to the website dedicated to the Rocky Forge Wind Farm, the power generated would be “delivered into the Virginia electrical grid, helping to diversify Virginia’s energy portfolio” and the project “will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for local schools, government services, and property owners.”
Apex Clean Energy applied for a special exception permit in order to move the project forward, in order to comply with local ordinances.
Some of these include:

  • The wind farm will not be louder than 60 decibels at the closest property line
  • The maximum height of the wind turbines will not exceed 550 feet
  • Approval from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in regards to the preservation of bat wildlife

Public hearings will be held but ultimately the final decision will be made by Botetourt County officials in 2016. Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed by local residents who oppose the wind farm based on property values, shadow flicker, noise etc. This is likely what prompted developers to create simulated pictures of the completed wind farm.
You can see the picture below, which shows what the wind farm would look like from the closest property line, the home of Henry Gum, who apparently supports renewable energy and this particular project:



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