Distributed wind letter to Obama administration

Distributed wind letter to Obama administration

Sen. Grassley supporter of distributed wind

Distributed wind seems to be getting a lot of support from politicians and investors around the world, but no more so than from the original author of the wind energy tax credit back in 1992, Senator Chuck Grassley. Last week the Iowan joined forces with 5 other senators to write a letter to the Obama administration asking for increased funding for distributed wind projects in the US.
The letter was addressed specifically to US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, which urged the Department of Energy (DOE) to increase investments in community wind projects. The 5 additional senators who signed the letter were: Al Franken (D-MN), Jon Tester (D-MT), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Tim Johnson (D-SD).
Here’s a snippet of the letter:
“Increased DOE investments in such areas as cost-shared technology development and performance verification, permitting process improvements, interconnection processes, and financing options can lead to rapid acceleration in the deployment of distributed wind systems. The result would be thousands of new jobs and increased local economic development across the nation. This latter point is, we believe, especially noteworthy. Distributed wind systems have exceptionally high domestic content-exceeding 90 percent-and the broadly dispersed nature of this technology, in terms of applications, manufacturers, and installers, means that the expansion of distributed wind will create jobs and stimulate local economies in nearly every region of the country.”
The rest of the letter can be read here: Distributed wind letter of support to the Obama administration.
Senator Franken, who lead the signatures for this letter, is the Chairman of the Senate Energy Subcommittee and an advocate of renewables who also helped to create the Wind Production Tax Credit extension of 2012.
It is encouraging to see political support for distributed wind and any renewable energy sources, which can help to shape a better future for our environment and children.

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