Do wind turbines affect local temperatures?

Do wind turbines affect local temperatures?

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A study titled “Impacts of wind farms on surface air temperatures” was published in the October issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the results show that wind turbines have the ability to warm and cool local areas. However, what is the ‘real’ level of this impact?
According to atmospheric scientist Somnath Baidya Roy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, co-author of the study, “For most regions, the mean temperatures may not change by much because the warming and cooling effects may cancel out”. However, what kind of impact can these effects have on things like crops? Roy explains, “Orange farmers in Florida use giant fans to protect their crops from frost… Just like wind turbines, these fans generate turbulence and mixing, producing a warming near the surface at night.”
There have been recent concerns that wind turbines could be creating more global warming problems for the world and specifically for the areas where wind farms are prominent, but Roy responds, “In a subsequent study that has been submitted to another journal, we found that these impacts are restricted to a small area around the wind farms… I think that these wind farms, especially if they are spaced sufficiently apart, will not have global-scale effects.”
In fact, wind turbines significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions, the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming. So overall they are doing much more to help the problem and contribute to saving our planet than harm.
The reality is that all forms of energy have downfalls, some much worse and more dangerous than others. Renewable energy and specifically wind turbines have the least and most minimal impact on the world and the well-being of animal and plant life.

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