Do you know why wind turbines are painted white?

Do you know why wind turbines are painted white?

wind turbines on a wind farm


Many wind industry professionals may not be able to explain why wind turbines are white, but there are several reasons for this choice of color.
Firstly, painting the wind turbine white allows the light from the sun to be reflected off its surface, without much light absorbing into the structure. If the wind turbine were painted a dark color, over time it would cause expansion or warping of the materials (mainly steel) used to construct it. It also adds a protective layer to the turbine essentially weatherproofing it from the elements and preventing rust.
Secondly, the color white is considered to be neutral and non-intrusive. It blends in nicely in any atmosphere and especially with the clouds in the sky when viewed from the ground. When viewed from the sky, and according to aviation laws, tall objects below should also be white so they appear more visible to pilots who can avoid them.
Have you ever seen orange markings on the blade tips of wind turbines?
In some locations like Germany, orange bands on the blade tips indicate how close the nearest airport is for pilots flying overhead. One band means the closest airport is more than 5km away and two bands means it’s within 5km of the wind turbines.
DOB-Academy created a fantastic YouTube video that outlines all the reasons why wind turbines are painted white. You can watch it here: 

What is DOB-Academy? It is a learning institute that offers offshore energy education for professionals in order ‘to provide industry capability building from introductory to expert level through lectures, classroom workshops, online modules and seminars.’  

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