DOE Distributed Wind Report: Sales grew by 6.1MW in the US

DOE Distributed Wind Report: Sales grew by 6.1MW in the US

wind turbine blade length for distributed wind

The DOE just released its 2014 Distributed Wind Market Report with some interesting findings. The distributed wind reached a total capacity of 1GW in the US this past year. However, the small and mid-sized wind turbine sales only grew by 3.7MW and 2.4MW respectively, compared to the higher growth rate experienced in 2013, with 5.6MW and 4.4MW respectively.
Unsurprisingly the top two exported markets for small-medium wind turbines were Italy and the UK, and exports remained a large source of revenue for US based manufacturers. A total of seven manufacturers in the US exported 11.2MW in 2014 at a total value of $60 million.
Some other key findings include:

  • In total, 63.6 MW of new distributed wind capacity was added in 2014, representing nearly 1,700 units (turbines) and $170 million in investment across 24 states. $20.4 million in federal, state, and utility incentives were awarded to distributed wind projects in 2014, slightly more than the $15.4 million awarded in 2013.
  • In 2014, U.S.-based small wind turbine manufacturers continued to favor U.S. supply chain vendors for most of their wind turbine components. Self-reported domestic content levels ranged from 60% to 100%
  • U.S. small wind manufacturers continued to dominate the domestic market, accounting for 82% of the 2014 U.S. new small wind sales on a capacity basis and 98% on a unit (turbine) basis. Sales on a capacity basis are down slightly from 88% in 2013, but 2014 sales on a unit basis are up from 93% in 2013.

Check out the DOE’s website to read the 2014 Distributed Wind Market Report in its entirety.

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