DOE releases 2016 distributed wind energy report

DOE releases 2016 distributed wind energy report

wind turbine blade length for distributed wind


The US Department of Energy has just released its wind energy market reports for 2016, including technologies, offshore and distributed wind.
Some of the highlights of the distributed wind report include a total estimated capacity of 1.4GW in 2016 (based on surveys of international government and industry publications).
In 2016 there was 45.4MW of new capacity (with 2.4MW coming from wind turbines 100kW and under) and the three States leading the way in added capacity were Massachusetts, Minnesota and Rhode Island. Of the 2.4MW a total of 2,560 wind turbines were installed worth $14 million in investments.
According to the report, ‘documented projects in 2016, residential and agricultural installations accounted for the majority of 2016 projects (34% and 29%, respectively), but only for 7% of the total distributed wind capacity installed in 2016. Institutional projects, mainly utilities and schools, accounted for 64% of the distributed wind capacity installed in 2016.’
Three new wind turbine models were certified in the distributed wind industry in 2016 with certification requirements becoming even more common as it increases competitiveness, the confidence of customers, government agencies, financial institutions and the overall interest in distributed wind.
Other highlights of the report include:
- US-based small wind turbine manufacturers continued to favour US vendors for the majority of their wind turbine parts
- Grid-tied distributed wind accounted for almost 99% of annual distributed wind capacity (in terms of MW)
- Combined value of incentives (including federal, state and utility) for wind energy projects in 2016 was $12.8 million (excluding repaid loans, the federal investment tax credit, and federal depreciation)
Overall, the industry continues to do well especially for agricultural and residential installations (34% and 29%, respectively).


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