DONG Energy to build the largest offshore wind farm in North America

DONG Energy to build the largest offshore wind farm in North America

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DONG Energy is planning yet another offshore wind farm, this time off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, 15 km south, to be exact.
The wind farm would be called Bay State Wind and consist of 100 wind turbines which would make it the largest in North America. This news comes after they recently announced they would be building the largest in the world off the coast of Britain.
The General Manager for DONG in North America, Thomas Brostrom, told the Globe, “We have the experience and we have the expertise,” he added that the wind turbines would be “barely visible on a clear day” and that the project is “… not daunting to us. We know what we’re doing.” Brostrom also commented that the project would allow them to sell electricity at a lower rate than 21 cents per KWh, which is how much the Cape Wind project is planning to charge.
DONG Energy has annual revenues of $11 billion and says they would be able to finance the construction without being dependent on investors, unlike the struggling Cape Wind project who lost major financing when two strong investors pulled out.
According to Brostrom, DONG Energy has a total of 14 offshore wind farms in operation with 4 projects under construction and 12 others in various stages of development. Last year the company invested a total of $1.2 billion in offshore wind and 12% of their revenue was generated through wind power.


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