Ecotricity offers free electricity through small wind turbines

Ecotricity offers free electricity through small wind turbines

Small wind turbines offered by Ecotricity
An interesting business offer by a South Uist wind energy company allows crofters and landowners free electricity through small wind turbines installed on their properties. The additional benefits for property owners is that Ecotricity insures and maintains the wind turbines for 20 years; through their subsidiary company Britwind and West Coast Energee.
So what’s the catch? The wind turbine owners, Ecotricity, keep any excess income gained from the extra electricity (after the amount used to power the homes/farms.) wind turbine becomes the property of the customer/landowner. Also, the wind turbines become the property and responsibility of the landowners after 20 years.
The agreement being offered by Ecotricity is available until March 31, 2015 to Western Isles crofters and property owners.
West Coast Energee’s Managing Director John Daniel Peteranna said:
“The scheme has been running nationally for a couple of years now and it has proved to be very popular in the Orkneys with some 1500 turbines installed. Now, with a recent relaxation in crofting regulations, we have been able to install a number of turbines under a ‘temporary resumption’ measure, which has support from the Crofter’s Commission and local landowners. This enables crofters, and others, throughout the Western isles to take advantage of the scheme.”
“We have already conducted a number of site visits where individuals have expressed a keen interest and we anticipate that number will rise significantly in the coming weeks. Once a site is accepted, the process is hassle-free for the customer as the site survey, planning application and the installation are all managed by Britwind and West Coast Energee…”
“This scheme really does offer crofters and other individuals, a great chance to make significant savings on their energy costs. The energy the turbines provide is free to the crofter and will more than fulfill household electricity requirements.”
One of their customers, Finlay MacDonald of KinlochRoag Holiday Cottages in Lewis said:
“This offer made perfect economic sense to me. We had the turbine installed at the end of September, West Coast Energee organised all the planning so I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I would thoroughly recommend it, a very worthwhile scheme.”
Small wind turbines like the ones being offered by Ecotricity are lucrative for landowners and farmers as a supplement to their agricultural income. It’s nice to see more property owners taking advantage of wind energy to generate income while preserving the environment.

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