Envision Energy invests in 600MW worth of wind power projects in Mexico

Envision Energy invests in 600MW worth of wind power projects in Mexico

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China’s Envision Energy has just invested in 600MW of wind power projects being developed by ViveEnergia in Mexico. These partners are hoping to install a total of 1.5GW of wind power by 2020.
Envision Energy is the leading low-speed wind turbine manufacturer in China and considers itself a competitor to Gamesa, who currently holds the largest share of the wind energy market in Mexico at 73%.
Executive director of Envision Energy, Felix Zhang said, “Mexico is one of the most promising markets in the Americas for wind power generation in the coming decade, not only a result of the energy reform but also given its untapped wind resources, viable projects and off-takers, as well as the interest of equity sponsors and lenders.”
Envision Energy’s director for Latin America & the Caribbean, Rafael Valdez Mingramm said, “This investment is considered China’s largest direct investment in Mexico in the renewable energy space and will take advantage of bilateral cooperation agreements and lines of credit that are in place.”
According to the Mexican Wind Energy Association, “the country will rank twentieth worldwide in wind capacity by the end of 2012, and will produce four percent of the country’s total electricity production… the nation will have 12 GW of wind generation capacity by 2020, and will be able to provide fifteen percent of Mexico’s production.”

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